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I Have a Website, Now What?

Congratulations on taking the first step to building your digital presence! A website is a great way to promote your business 24/7. It is always available to potential customers and is a wonderful source of information, but how do people even know you have a website? Are you promoting it? Here are some great and cost-effective ways to gain traffic to your new website:

Content is Key

If you have been following our blogs you will see that we have said this time and time again, content is key! It is a very simple, but vital concept. If you do not have interesting, intriguing content on your website, no one is going to want to read it. Make sure you take a step back and look at the content from the viewer’s point of view. Also, be sure to keep paragraphs short and concise and use compelling headlines throughout your site.

Be Social

Talk about your website! Online and offline. Word of mouth is still important today. Tell anyone and everyone to check out your website. Then, hopefully they will tell someone and it will be a chain reaction. Same goes for online social media outlets. Share your website and interesting things on it across all social media platforms. You can share it on your personal pages, but be sure to make a business account on each as well. This helps your legitimacy and we’ll create more interactions that will display your business name.

Pay For It

Unfortunately, not every effective way to promote your website is free. However, with many digital advertising methods you can choose your budget. Our two favorites are: Google PPC Online Advertising and Location Based Advertising. Google PPC Online Advertising is one of our favorites because you can customize and adjust it as need be during the course of your campaign. Location Based Advertising can serve up your ad to mobile users within a particular area and is becoming extremely popular.

Are you ready to start gaining website traffic?

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