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Facebook Ads or Google AdWords?

Facebook and Google are both wonderful ways of advertising, but one may be more suited to achieve your goals than the other. Understanding them will help to determine which one will work best for your business.

Facebook Ads

Most Facebook users are not on Facebook to make a purchase. So, you really have to gain their interest with your ads to make them stop looking at photos, videos, or reading posts. Your ad needs to stand out from this “clutter.” Facebook ads appear within or to the right of a user’s timeline.

Facebook ads are most effective for creating brand awareness. This is extremely helpful to start up companies that are offering unique services that a potential customer would not be searching for. You can post images of your business to show exactly what services you offer and encourage users to like your page to help drive engagement. Ultimately letting people know your business exists and if they have any questions or want to visit your website, they now have an easy way to access all of this info.

Facebook offers the best targeted demographic selections. You can pinpoint your audience based on age, gender, marital status, where they live, their interests, etc. Helping you to enhance the effectiveness of your ads.

Google AdWords

Google calls their advertisements AdWords. These are the ads that appear at the top and bottom of search results when a specific product or service is searched. These advertisements are best suited for businesses that want to increase their sales because people are actively seeking pricing or further information about a specific product they are interested in purchasing.

With AdWords you can reach a large audience. Anyone who searches for keywords relevant to your product or services will see your ads. However, you can limit your audience to target them by location, when they are using their mobile device, or during a specific time period.

Furthermore, with AdWords you can retarget users that came to your website, but did not make a purchase. Helping to increase your brand awareness making it more likely for that person to come back to your website and complete their purchase.

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